Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read, read, read

I think I'm thinking way too much about my reading package. It's not the main event. I suppose it is good to think about things like that and research those things, but it's not writing, it's not reading for writing.

The promises of glass - I just finished Palmer's sub-section Four Kitaj Studies. Apparently Kitaj is an artist who taught at Berkeley for awhile and not some kind of Japanese art form, as I assumed while reading it. There as some nice poems in this section. Quite different to the other stuff he has written, not as much disjunction (a word I learnt from Mr Longenbach) as usual, I suppose his style was modified slightly by the subject matter. I liked The questions of crows:
There is dust. Are we
to love the dust? There
are shadows. Will we make
a tent of shadows, a
shelter of black rivulets?[...]
I like the strangeness of the crows' 'voice', their formality. It's unexpected. I've recently been thinking, my main things are surprise, confusion and memory, which I think are, alot of the time, the same thing.

I wrote another history poem today, this one with the subtitle alternative news. Still playing around with the 'and/or' clause trying to push it to its limits. Obsessive, but at least I'm not obsessing over a bunch of essays about language.

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