Thursday, June 4, 2009

Like a tortoise

Haven't written anything new today. Just editing old stuff.

I'm not sure where I want to go next. All that stuff from the workshop is still sinking in. I don't want to rush it.
Meeting with Chris tomorrow, so hopefully that will help, but I think the main thing is to think about it a bit first. Read stuff maybe and just wait. I feel if I was to start writing right now I'd get frustrated that it was just the same as I was doing before and I don't want that, I want that excited feeling before I start. The new idea, the new angle.

I've been reading The Rehearsal. Which has been good. I wonder if James has read it? It reminds me a bit of his stuff, all those odd figures with titles instead of names. The power games. They have a similar tone/sensibility too I think. Like satirical I suppose, not in a crass kind of way, but subtly dark and ironic. I like it, the theme or whatever really comes through in books like that (Kafka like I s'pose) where the character are more like caricatures. Only on the surface though, they do get fleshed out, but keep their caricature-like extreme personalities.

Also, spent a large part of this morning drafting acceptance/rejection letters (is there a nicer word than rejection?) for BMP. The issue if looking fucking awesome if I don't say so myself. Quite a lot of really exciting stuff that makes my skin tingle. Can't wait for it to come out. I never thought it would be so exhilarating editing other peoples stuff.

It is a beautiful clear Wellington day today. I think I'm going to read some Jay Parini essays then go down to the park to kick a ball around for awhile.

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