Friday, July 31, 2009

Spending a summer in Hawai'i

Don't know anything today. Began with something and ended with nothing.

I just read Maxine Hong Kingston's Hawai'i One Summer (University of Hawai'i Press, 1998) which are great little essays/stories. I love the way she writes, kind of almost like a child discovering things. Beligerant and opinionated and intellectually fierce, but also just a child wondering about stuff. They are beautiful essays or whatever you want to call them. And her house in the Manoa Valley on O'ahu looked fucking amazing in the photographs, like some kind of buddhist jungle island retreat which I have the feeling (from her writing) it wasn't like, but the photos tell a different story. I wonder if the writing or the photos are the truth or neither?


  1. Bill, I lived in that house in the 70's for 2 years. It's called Agee House after the man who built it. All solid 2" thick tongue and groove heart redwood crafted by imported Japanese craftsmen. The house had a very unusual layout, but was perfectly suited to the jungle. It is now gone completely and 2' diameter trees grow where it once stood. I cherish it as one of my favorite memories of my time in Hawaii.

  2. Oh wow. That sounds amazing. Shame it is no longer there.


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