Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Every man's a rapist until he's done' - Frederik Seidel, Hair in a Net


  1. Can one read your work?

    I liked the idea of Benjamin, even if I have no idea what your poems are about (except about you), because of Benjamin being the youngest son, examining the child within, which psychologically speaking is always the creative aspect of a personality... Also the long serious name, is your work a serious business? And the Biblical link, as in looking back and examining something that is a major force in our culture, whether we like it or not.

    How are you?



  2. I am beginning a strange obsession with Seidel, mostly based on your posts! I found this article which I thought was interesting fodder if you haven't read already:

  3. Yes! More Seidel fans! There is also this interview in the NY times, which is about the only place I've found where he actually talks about his work. He's quite the elusive fella. It's a bit more sympathetic than that mlinko review too.

    'Susannah' - Thanks for the comment. I'm good. Yeah, that's the one thing about the name Benjamin I'm not so sure about - the biblical thing. My Benjamin isn't such a nice guy. Benjamin was just a name I wanted to be called when I was little. It's more about the person you sometimes imagine yourself as, but never act on. Maybe I should go with something more neutral. Ben? I do like the sound of the word 'Benjamin' though. Hmmmm.


    Our MA class is doing a reading at Te Papa Marae on 14 September at 12.15 - would love to see ya if you can make it!

  4. That is a good interview. It only makes me more fascinated with him. Now to track down a book. Should I just bust out and buy the collected?

  5. I found out the other day that Benjamin means 'Son of my right hand'. He just keeps getting better!


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