Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big package

3 hours. 1 reading package - Truth in fiction/non-fiction. 2 blurry eyes.

I am about to discuss it all in class so I won't prejudice that here, but I will say how I am now dubious about a travel piece I wrote recently with regard to the parts I 'embellished' and whether I should have. I think it all comes down to the expectation of the reader. What do they expect of a 'travel story'? I am quite glad they used the word 'story' and not 'article' there. For me I think as long as I am true to the journey and to the experiences of the travel part of the story then I am OK.

I am happy with it and that all the places, events and people are true (to me) and real (to everybody). So what more is there?

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