Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Post-modern heuristic role call

So I've been reading Post-modern American Poetry Anthology (W. W. Norton and Company, 1994) and it has to go back to the library this week. So far I have found a few writers that pique an interest:

  • Kathleen Fraser - she was kind of glossed over in the book. She only has one poem, compared to some of the others who have a dozen or so pages dedicated to them, but she seems to traverse the imagistic, meta-physical and linguistic all at once which is extremely intriguing, '...white bowl, strawberries / perfumy from the sun / two spoons two women / deferred pleasure// pious impious/ reason could not take/ precendence...'
  • Wanda Coleman - Extremely inventive and uncertain with its own convictions her stuff handles political issues in a much more mature way than alot of other people do, 'blacks think in circles she said. no they don't/ i said it too readily, too much on the defense. of course/ blacks think in circles. i think in circles/ why did i feel it necessary to jump on the defensive.'
  • Paul Hoover - Surrealist/imagist to put him in a category. 'If a monkey drives a car/ down a colonnade facing the sea/ and the palm trees to the left are tin/ we don't understand it...'
  • David Lehman - Editor of Best American Poetry series, linguistic, paradoxical. 'VARIOUS nostalgias: rock, scissor, and paper:/ Cardinals and opposing orioles in the April rain:/No pain: a brain perfectly in tune with the newspaper,/ Like a commuter in love with a computer, and with the paper/ On which he neatly jots down, in blue...'
And of course Michael Palmer, Rae Armantrout and Charles Bernstein feature in it too, but the above names are new to me.

I wrote today, inspired by something from the novel Lolita by Nabokov. The main character, Humbert Humbert, had read elsewhere :
Words without experience are meaningless
I've also ordered some books from the internet. So exciting! Two of Michael Palmer's latest books and a collection of Rae Armantrout's early work. Yay!

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