Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Damn it Sweden!

Wrote a poem about Utah and snow and isolation. Very un-NZ. Don't know how it would fit with any of the others? Also trying to not drink coffee before writing, not sure if it has made any difference yet. I'll try it again tomorrow.

Read a really unusual story by Pip Adam in Hue and Cry 3 called Pushing, Pulling about a strange character called Douglas who seems to be going mad thinking and interacting with gravity, physics and geography. It is the way it is written though that is really interesting. The voice is so disjunctive and rich with surreal imagery that you can't but helped be convinced by his insanity. There are elephants, babies, ice-blocks, Belgium and superpowers. The world seems normal, but the way Douglas interacts with it is anything but. There are no regular prose type descriptions or dialogue betwen two characters, except with a wise feminine character called Sweden who he conjures up earlier in the story. It seemed a bit rambly, like one thing leads into another, Sweden will appear and then Douglas will be talkig to Sweden, but she pulls it off by making it about madness I guess and the way that thoughts progress like that. Amazing.

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