Friday, May 15, 2009

Perfect day for reading

Very bad week. Had a few visitors which has screwed up the routine thing. Wednesday and Thursday were completely unproductive. Today I've written something, but it reflects the messed up schedule.

Read a really interesting essay in Hue and Cry by Tahi Moore. It was kind of standup comedy style of thing, finding the irony in the everyday, but it was a really interestig read. Quirky and insightful. So I was briefly inspired to write an essay which hasn't happened yet but maybe this afternoon if I feel like it.

Also read some more Michael Palmer and out loud too which I think makes a difference. I should do that more often. Same with my own stuff, the music is definitely different when read out loud. More obvious? Different speed? Less words skipped over? Dunno, but it helps anyway to 'get into it.'

The weather today is horrible. It's 10.30 am and it's almost as dark as night. Perfect day for reading.

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