Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music, music, music, it's all about music

Just quickly, read a couple more from Company of Moths. Read them fast and the music really came alive. Like from a poem called The Turn:
So it is the lift, the shifting of earth, the turn
So it is the pleasure of green, so simply

we think, and then singing of stones
So it is the same mountain, yet otherwise

yet not entirely otherwise,
slant logic of the half-torn, final leaf,

twig across a sickle moon
Lovely! I think he partly acheives it with the heavy use of similar sounds, all the i's in there, then the f's etc. Just carries it along like a little boat.

Wrote some rubbish today. Completely directionless. Tried to write it out, but was still as directionless and pointless at the end as when I started. No music either I don't think?

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