Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making nice things out of straw

I went to a book fair the other day and found a book called Making nice things out of straw by Eunice Svinicki (1976, David Mackay Company. ISBN 0-679-20452-0) which I just had to buy and I started writing a series of poems based on the chapter headings. Today I changed that idea slightly and I'm working on one big epic about straw making with a whole bunch of asterisk seperated sections inspired by each chapter. Fuck some weird shit has come out of it though. I have no idea where this one is going.

Saw Chris do a reading last night and she seems really into inspiration from things/words/ideas and combining that with other ideas to create really lovely multi-level metaphoric poems, much like Kate Camp does I think. So I've been wondering if I can do some of that. But I don't know how? I don't think I'm that smart. My metaphors seem to come from a much weirder less sensical place. But is that bad? In some ways I think it is, people don't get that fuck this poem is clever feeling. They get more of the fuck this poem is weird feeling. Control versus chaos maybe?

Thankyou Eunice though. This book is awesome and I can't believe no-one bought it before I did. Possibly the best title of a book I've seen in ages.

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